Šibenik unveils design plans for modern sports and recreation area

Šibenik unveils design plans for modern sports and recreation area

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Last week, the Croatian city of Šibenik presented the design plans for the sports and recreation area in Jamnjak to the Trokut Center for New Technologies and Entrepreneurship. Specifically, he unveiled his plans to build a modern sports center with facilities for recreational exercises and professional sports.

What will the center be made of?

The Jamnjak sports and recreation area will be located in the former barracks and will cover an area of ​​190,378 square meters. In this space, it will house various sports facilities such as multifunctional and gym halls, athletics tracks, boxing and kickboxing halls, table tennis halls, bowling alleys, squash halls and sports field.

In addition to this, the area will have a children’s playground, training ground, spa facilities, catering establishments and administration. Project author Iva Čogelja Juras commented on the sports and recreation center, sharing:

“With this project, Šibenik will get a space for sports and recreation that will serve active athletes, recreation enthusiasts, children and young people, the elderly and all other interested groups. The total area of ​​the Jamnjak area is 190,378 square meters, and within this perimeter there are buildings with a total area of ​​2,393 square meters. Some of the buildings are in a preserved state and suitable for reconstruction, while the others will be demolished and replacement buildings will be constructed in their place.

In a press release, the city of Šibenik said it designed the concept plan according to a model that will allow funding from different sources and in different phases. Moreover, it aims to fund the majority of the project by soliciting EU funds.

See the gallery above to see the design plans for the modern sports center.

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