Small corn, new corn rootworm trait and digital tools shed light on Bayer’s R&D pipeline

Advances in small corn, biologics, seeds and traits, and digital agriculture highlight Bayer’s research and development (R&D pipeline). The pipeline is valued at 30 billion euros ($34.13 billion) in peak sales potential over the next two decades, according to Bayer officials.
Here are some highlights.

Small corn

Bayer’s short-stature corn is moving closer to farmers’ fields as the company’s shorter hybrids advance toward its Phase 4 R&D. Being one-third shorter than standard-sized corn hybrids, Bayer scientists say the technology:

  • Improves hold.
  • Improves tolerance to green snap and stem lodging.
  • Reduces crop losses due to harsh environmental conditions and extreme weather conditions such as high winds.
  • Enables more precise application of crop protection compounds and optimized use of key inputs such as nitrogen.

Bayer expects an additional peak sales opportunity of about €1 billion ($1.14 billion) in North America alone.

Smart corn system

Bayer is continuing its work on a complete systems approach to managing corn more sustainably through its Smart Corn System. The system, an entirely new crop structure for corn, allows growers to take full advantage of Bayer’s entire portfolio of digital tools, personalized seed and crop protection prescriptions, health management crops and optimizing planting density, Bayer officials say.

Seeds and traits

Bayer’s commitment to customers and sustainable agriculture is underscored by key pipeline advancements in traits, which see critical products enter the next phase of development.

  • Bollgard 4 cotton enters Phase 3 R&D, providing season-long protection with multiple modes of action for key Lepidopteran pests, plus HT4 cotton with five herbicide tolerances, officials say from Bayer.
  • For below-ground insect control in corn, VTPRO4 and SmartStax PRO technology gives growers in the Americas access to Bayer’s new RNAi-based corn rootworm trait – the industry’s first and crucial for the resistance management, according to Bayer officials.

Organic Products

Bayer’s biological crop protection portfolio includes more than 20 commercial and licensed products covering 60 million acres of high-value row crops and vegetables. Recent launches, such as Flipper and Serenade, provide excellent control options in all organic production systems and complement Bayer’s conventional crop protection, Bayer officials say.

Digital agriculture and unlocking climate-smart business models

Bayer officials say digital opportunities extend beyond the farm, as Bayer expands its digital platforms and marketplaces and seeks to create downstream value in carbon.

Climate FieldView, Bayer’s digital agriculture tool, now covers more than 180 million acres in 23 countries with the largest database of grower seed performance and field trials industry, say Bayer officials. Bayer sees an increase in product sales when growers compare and track performance through the FieldView platform’s digital interface, Bayer officials say. In the United States, Bayer officials say sales increased more than 5% for Bayer corn seed customers using FieldView Plus compared to non-users. Digital capabilities support efforts to provide farmers with tailored solutions for their operations and to create new offerings in regions around the world. Climate LLC’s and FieldView’s research programs use advanced data analytics and agronomic modeling to help farmers better understand their operations than ever before, Bayer officials say.

To unlock downstream value and enable climate-smart business models, Bayer has expanded its Carbon initiative with the US-focused Carbonview project. This is designed to create low carbon foods, fuels and fiber. This collaboration, conceptualized by Bayer and developed with support from Bushel and Amazon Web Services, is a technology solution that will enable ethanol producers to report, analyze and better assess the carbon footprint of their fuel chain. end-to-end supply, Bayer officials say.

Bayer is also working with The Andersons, one of the largest ethanol producers in the United States, to bring this value to producers.

Bayer’s partnership with Microsoft will create a new set of cloud-based digital solutions for use in agriculture and adjacent industries, Bayer officials said. They add that it goes:

  • Bring new infrastructure and foundational capabilities to accelerate innovation.
  • Improve efficiency and support sustainability across all value chains.

“Once again, Bayer’s pipeline extends the company’s track record of converting R&D into value-added solutions for growers,” said Bob Reiter, R&D Manager for the Crop Science Division of the company, in a press release. “Whether it’s leading innovation in its core business, tackling climate change with carbon-smart practices, or transforming agriculture with digital agriculture solutions, Bayer continues to deliver solutions. and remains committed to making global food systems more resilient while meeting the need to feed themselves. a growing population. »

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