State to create 100 additional ration stores in various neighborhoods

kolkata: The state government has decided to set up 100 additional ration shops in various districts of the state due to the increased demand for the supply of Duare Ration food grains.

The decision to set up more ration stores came after it was found that the existing stores were unable to support the huge burden of providing the “Duare ration” to all households in several districts. Senior state government officials have said that there are currently around 20,251 ration shops in all districts of Bengal and around 10 million people are enjoying the benefits of Bengal’s ‘Duare Ration’ scheme.

A senior state government official said, “Currently, with the lack of staff in the ration stores, it has become very difficult to organize all the ration supplies and deliver them to the different households. Apart from setting up stores, it was also decided to appoint more staff to meet people’s needs. »

Senior state government officials have said that this is one of the biggest outreach initiatives, there are plans to have an online delivery system in the coming years so that it will be more easy to provide rations to the population.

The “Duare Ration” program, launched by Mamata Banerjee in November 2021, promises monthly delivery of food grains and other rations to the public at their doorstep. It was one of the election promises of the Trinamool Congress

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