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NEW DELHI: In March 2020, when Covid-19 was at its peak, street vendors faced several problems when removing them from the lawns of India Gate and the Central Vista project. These vendors have taken to peddling in the adjacent areas of C-Hexagon (India Gate Circle) Akbar Road, Ashoka Road and Pandara Road, and few of them have even set up makeshift stalls inside the compound. Vista selling tea, water, cigarettes,
meet daily construction betting scores. The Morning Standard has located two such providers.

“There is no other option,” says Malti Devi, a middle-aged woman selling Rs 2 matri, Rs 5 chai and Rs 20 bottles of water from an old toilet block near the new neighborhood of Vista. The old toilet will be broken once the Vista project is complete.

Devi lives in the toilet compound with her husband which is a daily wager, although she has a room in a jhuggi in Janpath to save on electricity and water overhead. “My husband quit his job as a security guard to become a salesman at India Gate 13 or 14 years ago. We used to earn Rs 1,000-2,000 a day selling at this very place and we slept under the jamun trees at night. For two years, we did not earn anything, which forced us to withdraw our son from school,” she laments.

Lipi, another vendor at India Gate, is now walking near the next parking lot next to Raksha Bhavan. She transformed a huge precast concrete conduit intended to hold underground electrical cables into a shed to sell snacks, cigarettes, etc.

Lipi, who was peddling earlier at
India Gate lawns, now sells snacks
and tea from a huge prefab
concrete conduit in the Central Vista
Project area

On a table next to her, Lipi’s husband is selling chai. She had to resort to this ‘jugaad’ to pay Rs 5,000 monthly rent, and Rs 1,200 school fees for her three children that she has not paid for two months now.
“This structure is strong against rain and wind. My husband and I earn around 400-500 rupees per day which is not enough but it is much better than the lockdown days when we had no income. Vista workers are happy we are here because there are no affordable places nearby,” she said.

None of the Vista workers were ready to comment. Confusion reigns as the city’s vending committee, set up by the New Delhi City Council, has yet to conduct a survey of street vendors and identify whether India Gate and surrounding areas are no-go zones. the sale. The vendors were arrested on February 5 and 6 by Mandir Marg and Tilak Nagar police stations as they attempted to set up stalls near Rajpath.

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