Super green pass, at the doctor’s or in the shops: where there is no need for it

Super green pass, increasingly essential in Italy. However, there are certain realities where it is not necessary and it will not be. This will be established by the Dpcm in drafting, linked to the last decree which introduced the obligation of vaccination for the over 50s. that of the veterinarian, the barracks where you can lodge a complaint if you are the victim of a crime. In these cases, the reinforced green pass will not be required, the one that only those vaccinated or cured of Covid can present, but the basic one, which is also obtained with a swab, therefore the basic vaccination passport, will suffice to be able to access it. These include food stores, tobacconists, supermarkets – excluding shopping centers of course – newsstands. And again the doctor’s office, but also that of the veterinarian, the barracks where you can lodge a complaint if you are the victim of a crime.

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Super green pass, where needed

Since January 10, the list of places where the basic green certificate (which is also obtained with a swab) is no longer sufficient, but it must be reinforced, issued only to people vaccinated or cured of covid. Transport and public transport, but also hotels, swimming pools, ski slopes, stadiums and counter catering, indoors. In the white zone as well as in the yellow and orange zones to access certain activities and services – until March 31, 2022 (end of the state of emergency) – it is necessary to use the reinforced certification and also extended to counter catering in the Clos premises. Here is where the Super green pass is needed:

– indoors for swimming pools, gymnasiums and team sports;

– museums and exhibitions (to date, access to these places is authorized with the basic Green Pass in white and yellow zones);

– indoors for wellness centres; spas (except for essential levels of assistance and rehabilitation or therapeutic activities);

– theme and amusement parks;

– inside cultural, social and recreational centers (excluding educational centers for children);

– gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo rooms and casinos.

Until March 31, 2022, visitors will only be able to access accommodation, social welfare, social health and palliative care establishments with a reinforced green pass and a rapid or molecular antigen test carried out within 48 hours. preceding the attack, with a negative result, or a vaccination with a third dose.

From January 20 new measures

The use of the basic green pass will be extended to those who access personal services and also public offices, postal, banking and financial services, commercial activities subject to exceptions which will be identified with a secondary act to ensure the satisfaction of essential and primary needs. needs of the person, we read on the government website. Thus, to go to the bank, to the hairdresser or the beautician or to the shopping centers, you will always need the simple green pass, or the obligation – hitherto not provided for – to be vaccinated, cured or in possession of a negative swab.

Super green pass and works, which changes from February 15

The new decree also introduces the obligation of vaccination for all those who have reached the age of 50. For public and private workers aged 50, a reinforced green pass will be required for access to work from February 15 until June 15, 2022. Without age limits, the vaccination obligation is extended to staff university therefore assimilated to that of school. “The obligation does not exist in the event of a proven danger to health, in relation to specific documented clinical conditions, certified by the general practitioner or by the vaccinator, in accordance with the circulars of the Ministry of Health relating to the exemption of anti-SARS. -CoV-2 vaccination; in such cases, vaccination may be omitted or postponed. The success of the immunization following a natural disease, proven by the declaration made by the attending physician, determines the postponement of the vaccination”. Those who are not yet vaccinated will need to take their first dose of vaccine before January 31 to obtain an enhanced Green Pass valid from February 15.

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