The 10 Best Newcastle Tattoo Parlors According To Google Reviews

The summer season is officially here, and many tattoo enthusiasts across the Northeast will no doubt be flocking to their local studio for some new ink to show off on the sunniest of days.

And with a heat wave currently gripping the area, ink parlors and skin artists will be inundated with work, keeping up with the increased demand for cool tattoos.

Many people will no doubt have their favorite hubs to visit when they want something new permanently etched onto their bodies, but other collectors might be looking for a change of style or decor.

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So here at ChronicleLive, we’ve rounded up the ten best tattoo parlors in Newcastle upon Tyne according to Google reviews – as inspiration for those looking for a new look.

Top 10 Newcastle Tattoo Parlors:

10) Young Guns – 35 Station Rd N, Forest Hall, NE12 7AR

4.8 out of 5 stars based on 57 reviews

A quaint all-rounder in Forest Hall, known primarily for its thick lines and wide variety – Young Guns offers a range of different styles to suit all customer tastes. Far from being one-dimensional, you can expect the best traditional mandala, amazing and captivating colors when visiting.

John Hall, complimented: “Great studio, with lots of artists working, so lots of choices and styles. Would definitely recommend Chloe.”

9) The Mutiny Tattoo Company – 27 Heaton Rd, NE6 1SA

4.8 out of 5 stars based on 68 reviews

An eccentric family studio on Heaton Road, Mutiny features a number of renowned professionals and up-and-coming apprentices – each with their own style and sense of creativity. Large traditional pieces covering the limbs, chest, and back are a usual feature here, however, they also captivate the realism in a fantastic way.

Ronda Fougere, wrote: “I’ve had quite a few tattoos from Allan and Lauren and I’ve also had one from Shelby. Love all my ink work!! The shop is friendly, full of banter and professionalism in an informal way to make you feel very comfortable.”

8) Pure Ink 3 – 24 Nun Street, NE1 5AQ

4.8 out of 5 stars based on 155 reviews

With three studios covering Newcastle under the Pure Ink banner, it’s safe to say that this lot is attracting plenty of business. Pure Ink 3 is everyone’s favorite according to Google reviewers, with big lines and even bigger colors pumped up by tattoo artist John. With a completely different specialty, Emma also has a uniquely keen eye for dot work, with her super smooth black and gray portraits also out of this world.

Joseph Smith said, “I’ve been here for two separate tattoos, both times the experience here has been great as the staff are really friendly. I had my two tattoos done by John and they look amazing.

“I will definitely return and highly recommend.”

7) Northern Glory – 12 Princess Square, NE1 8ER

4.9 out of 5 stars based on 96 reviews

A multi-talented tattoo studio in Newcastle city centre, Northern Glory has built a budding reputation from its humble foundations. It’s a go-to store for many looking for fresh ink, bursting with color and neo-traditional artwork. The tattoos at this Toon-based parlor have a ton of personality, as do the artists who work there.

Kaelin Maddison, wrote: “Can’t fault Northern Glory! Such a great friendly vibe and they do absolutely awesome tattoos at reasonable prices!

“I started tattooing my back with these and will finish my body with them too.”

6) Cock a Snook – 5 Coast Rd, NE7 7RN

4.9 out of 5 stars based on 101 reviews

When you think of old school tattoo parlors, Cock a Snook is probably the identical image that comes to mind. Sailor Jerry inside and out with small ornaments and trinkets filling the wall space – those wanting the traditional experience need look no further. Black and gray and negative space is still an important feature in Cock a Snook, but they do just about every bit as well.

Erica Lindsell, commented: “I booked for a full day session (sitting for 7 hours!) and Becky was fantastic. It wasn’t easy to sit that long but I was made to feel as relaxed as possible in a comfortable and clean environment.

“My tattoo is absolutely amazing and I’m so in love with it. I would recommend Cock a Snook to anyone who wants a top quality tattoo!”

5) Northside Tattooz – Bewick Street, NE1 5EF

4.9 out of 5 stars based on 118 reviews

Ten artists covering all tattoo styles are Northside, a critically acclaimed studio in central Newcastle. There’s a lot of variety at the studio itself, with staff constantly consulting with clients to offer them the perfect job. Whether you’re looking for something plain and simple with few details, or a complete and complex project, you’ll get it all and more with Northside.

Murray BK, said: “Brilliant tattoo shop, I had a piece done by Jaysin which I cannot recommend highly enough. Came out better than I imagined, very pleased.

“Everything was done cleanly and professionally, 6 hours of pain made bearable by good conversation and good tunes. Definitely will be back”

4) Hatch Tattoos – 92a Rothbury Terrace, NE6 5DB

5 out of 5 stars based on 55 reviews

There are a handful of artists who can do traditional Japanese tattooing throughout the region, and Trap Door is lucky to have Rob Fielder at their disposal. Rob can create and execute any design he can think of, but his authentic Asian style is second to none. Jaysin Burgess also has out-of-this-planet colors down to a tee, with her traditional pieces guaranteed to grab attention.

Duncan Williams, comments: “I had a great experience with Adam Smith at Trap Door Tattoos, a very friendly but very professional artist.

“I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of the tattoo itself and the way Adam worked with me on the design and placement. Also a very sweet tattoo artist, I can honestly say it really didn’t hurt the everything! Absolutely brilliant. Thanks guys!”

3) Sakura – 56-58 Station Rd, South Gosforth, NE3 1QD

5 out of 5 stars based on 71 reviews

A super professional tattoo studio in South Gosforth, home to a number of award winning artists. Although Sakura might be up there on the more expensive end of the spectrum, you’re guaranteed to get something above and beyond when you visit them. Their realism is like looking at a photo, their colors exude a Full HD experience, and their creativity is completely mind-blowing.

Helen Arnold, commented: “The best!

“They are all brilliant tattoo artists in Sakura, their attention to detail is amazing. They are also a real team, so the atmosphere is fantastic.”

2) Evergreen – 1 Boyd Street, Shieldfield, NE2 1AP

5 out of 5 stars based on 97 reviews

Right off the bat, Evergreen just isn’t the dark, grungy shop you might expect when visiting a tattoo studio. Instead, the owners have opted for a more clinical vibe, and it certainly shows in the reviews that often complement the atmosphere. When it comes to tattoos, you’ll also find some of Britain’s most creative minds working together. It’s not the kind of place you would visit for your traditional skull or rose tattoo, but if you’re looking for something out of the box and truly unique, Evergreen is your best bet.

Emma Anderson, wrote: “I loved visiting Evergreen for my first tattoo.

“The studio is so cool and lovely, I was made to feel really calm and there are good vibes everywhere. Also, my tattoo of Yolanda is beautiful, couldn’t be happier with it! Will definitely be back .”

1) Inkwell – 11 St Mary’s Pl, NE1 7PG

5 out of 5 stars based on 108 reviews

At the top of this list and at number one is Inkhouse. A tattoo studio that caters to every style the imagination can fathom, this busy parlor never says “no” to a challenge. Realism, traditional and old-school, portraits, dot-work, patchwork – you’ll find all this and more at Inkhouse.

Steve Pallister, said: “Absolutely amazing tattoo artist and mick and Jane were made to feel very welcome. The whole experience from start to finish was brilliant.

“i have no creativity but mick helped me get what i wanted finally, and also the best place to put it.

“If you really care about your tattoo and want a good professional artist and fantastic advice then this is the place to go”

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