The 11 Best Employee Coaching and Mentoring Tools

Professionals who receive business coaching report greater self-confidence and improved performance levels. Organizations that offer professional coaching also report improved employee engagement and productivity. At the same time, mentors help individuals easily achieve their short and long-term goals while maintaining a better work-life balance.

If you’re looking for a professional mentor to boost your career and take it to the next level, here are some resources you can check out to find one.

Bravely offers a wide variety of services such as sessions based on growth and development, transformation of culture, data and information to increase engagement and retention, as well as advice and guidance for initiatives of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

He also works with HR to identify employee issues related to burnout, attrition, and other issues. The information shared by Bravely is based on data and experience, so your business can take preventative action to combat potential issues. All your sessions and discussions with Bravely are confidential.

Companies usually bear session fees.

CoachHub is a digital professional coaching platform with members scattered around the world. From beginners to experienced staff, it offers coaching at all career levels, with specialized programs for senior executives and leadership development.


Along with certified personal development experts, it also employs engineers, digital entrepreneurs, and people who have worked in various business setups to help you advance your career. Premium members can access their global HR survey results, podcasts, resource library, and more.

Hello Ezra offers leadership and executive coaching sessions for experienced professionals and organizational change programs such as diversity and inclusion and change and transformation. It also provides tracking software to measure individual and organizational progress in real time.

Ezra operates in 118 countries and offers services in 40 languages. You can access most of his case studies, research, and coaching-related information without a premium subscription.

CoachReady is a pioneer in digital coaching and brings over a decade of experience in online mentoring. It offers coaching programs from the integration of an employee to their success in their career.

Employees can benefit from one-on-one sessions and individual attention early in their working lives. Companies can have tailored programs aligned with their organizational goals and corporate culture.

Optify offers coaching for companies and individuals looking for professional coaching on their own. Leadership coaching is its forte and offers scalable leadership coaching programs for different levels of experience.

In addition to coaching, he acts as an intermediary between independent coaches, coaching companies and organizations and individuals seeking professional coaching. Optify also helps people who want to become certified coaches.

You can access their resources and information sections without creating an account. You can also speak to a member of the Optify team.

In addition to regular mentoring programs for employees, Lattice also offers individual assessments, growth plans, career plans with individuals, surveys to gather information, data analysis to create personalized plans for companies , as well as the management of objectives and OKRs (Objectives Key Results). . It also links compensation plans to performance goals to increase employee engagement.

Create a free account on Lattice and log in to access their free e-books, podcasts, webinars, interviews, and other resources for all levels of professionals.

Careerwave is specifically aimed at executive teams, managers and other high-level executives. Its coaches have years of leadership and management experience and are ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified. Companies looking to identify and develop future leaders can count on Careerwave’s comprehensive leadership development programs to get coaching started early.

All leadership candidates working with Careerwave benefit from personalized coaching programs that redirect their focus to achieving goals.

GrowthSpace works one-on-one with employees and helps drive company KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with goal-oriented online sessions. Its programs include personal coaching for soft skills, help to achieve your productivity goals, and interactive group coaching sessions with teams.

It measures KPIs at the managerial level using data and analytics. You can read their case studies and other findings on their blog without signing up for their services.

MentorcliQ offers a full suite of business products and services, including mentoring software, mentoring app, virtual mentoring, business mentoring, and DEI mentoring. Its programs include:

  • Personalized training and resources for employees.
  • SaaS mentoring system with data security.
  • Support for the program by coaches dedicated to success.

It offers programs for the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to succession planning. It also organizes virtual events on professional mentoring that you can participate in when you register.

Qooper is another SaaS platform that offers mentoring and coaching software services to companies, associations and universities. You can integrate its software with existing systems like GSuite, Zoom, Slack, etc. If you are looking for platforms to find a mentor, Qooper is the place to be. Its algorithm matches mentors with mentees, creates a simple tracking system, automates all administrative tasks, and allows program managers to focus on growth and progress.

Companies can benefit from its services directly from Onboarding employees. Other focus areas include career, development and learning conversations.

eMentorConnect is a software service focused on employee training and mentoring. The platform is aimed at educational institutions, small businesses, large enterprises, government offices, and non-profit organizations.

You can attend virtual or in-person workshops to learn more about the essentials of mentoring. Learning topics include DEI, sustainable change in the workplace, cross-cultural collaboration, exploring leadership, behavioral interview techniques, job interview preparation, emotional intelligence, skills communication, conflict resolution, networking, managing your personal brand, etc.

Find a coach today to improve your performance at work

Having a mentor overseeing your performance or a coach guiding your professional moves might just be what you need to take your career to the next level. Talk to HR or your manager about collaborating with one of the coaching platforms mentioned above. This can dramatically increase your team’s productivity at work.

You can contact the few who also provide professional services independently. Use their free demos and take the first step towards a better work life today.

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