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For 27 years, The Art of Entertaining has provided fresh and delicious meals through catering, take-out, take-out appetizers, desserts, breakfasts and more. This holiday season, find dinners that save you the hassle of large gatherings as well as gifts for those you love.

“Our treatment package is a really good deal for a gift,” says owner Ann Lemcke. “The package includes a total of five simple meals, as well as two of our homemade soups. For $ 42.50, that’s food for a week.

Another great gift option is Monday Family Dinner, which is especially great for people on the go. The meal consists of two starters, a salad for four, a loaf of bread and four cookies. “For $ 30, that’s a lot of food for four, with leftovers,” Lemcke says.

Dinner and treatment packages are chosen from 20 different options that are prepared to be reheated at home. Lemcke says, “Anything we offer can also be frozen, so it can last if you can’t eat it all in a week. “

The Art of Receiving also offers gift cards for all denominations. When people order dinner specials as a gift, this gift can be wrapped and tied with a bow for a festive presentation.

Lemcke adds that The Art of Entertaining has continued its dining offerings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and that its one-on-one lunches have been extremely popular for everything from business meetings to weddings where people are not in attendance. comfortable with a buffet.

“It’s been very busy,” she says. “Our take-out offers have been significantly expanded and that’s great. “


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