This included computer mouse redefines the gadget’s design using the wrist, without the need for fingers!

Allin is a barrier-free mouse that has been designed to be ergonomic and specifically meet the needs of amputees and those who have difficulty using computer mice.

Most of us work on our laptops or desktops all day long, but not without consequences. From our eyes to our wrists, from our posture to our butt, we put on physical strain every day just by sitting at our desks and looking at our computer screens while typing incessantly.

Offering his own solution to part of this daily struggle, Designer Dot conceptualized Allin, an ergonomic mouse designed specifically for amputees and others who struggle with desktop and laptop mice.

Built with a curved design, Allin features a smooth print where users can place their wrists to access mouse control functions. By replacing the right and left click buttons with right and left tilt buttons, users simply tilt their wrists sideways to click links on their computer screens.

The mouse tilt buttons are positioned at different angles to ensure that the desired button is clicked. The left tilt button clicks approximately 45 degrees while the right tilt button can be clicked 20 degrees. Wireless by design, Allin comes with a magnetic charger that provides the mouse with enough charge to last all day’s work.

Primarily designed for amputees and for those who have difficulty using desktop and laptop mice, Allin is ergonomically designed to accommodate the natural movement of every human’s wrist. Allin is an additional computer accessory that can be paired with any laptop or desktop to relieve the physical fatigue associated with working on a keyboard all day.

Designer: Designer Dot

The magnetic charger provides Allin with the battery necessary for its wireless function.

Embedded technology redesigns the inner workings of traditional computer mice.

With minimal exterior surface area, Allin can fit any brand of computer or laptop.

Allin is designed in matte black, off white, blush pink and lemon yellow.

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