Tip: Tools for non-English speaking journalists

Credit: Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

It seems that more and more media are publishing in English as a universal language for an international audience. Take Kyiv Independentfor example, the Ukrainian independent media publishes in English although the subject of its reports is mainly Ukrainian affairs and its newsroom is mainly composed of national journalists.

As any English speaker will tell you, English is not a forgiving language. Our grammar and spelling are full of exceptions and contradictions. The famous “journalais” is another story (we also use a lot of idioms and expressions). But the point is that good journalism should be both concise, to the point and interesting.

This can often leave the non-native English speaker facing challenges in their writing. Independent journalist Cristiana Bedei assures IJNet tools to help journalists work in English when it is not their mother tongue. These tools help build vocabulary, correct grammar, and improve your writing style.

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