Venue ‘sinks’ due to withheld merchant payments –

A restaurant in Fort Saskatchewan faces a difficult situation.

Kelsey Dalida, owner of The Venue by Ken’s Catering, told MIX 107 that her merchant services provider Clover Canada has withheld all of her credit and debit deposits for the past two weeks.

The post was originally posted on Facebook Thursday, April 21.

“I’m a small business. I have three small children, I have 15 employees, I’m just trying to try. We started during COVID and I need my daily sales, we literally can’t operate without our daily sales.”

Dalida says she has called the company several times over the past few weeks to try to resolve the issue. She was disconnected several times and when she managed to speak to someone she was told that the deposits were on hold for security and they could not help until they were released.

The original issue was due to a reported payment.

Dalida said she gave the company the documents and proof of customer payments, but still had no luck getting the restaurant’s deposits.

“I did everything they asked, but no one will tell me when it will be released or why it is still being held.”

According to Dalida, around 95% of their payments are either debit or credit, adding that their business is “sinking because of it”.

Feeling they have no more options, The Venue turns to the community for help. Over the weekend, they are asking residents to consider ordering food from their restaurant and paying by cash or electronic transfer to support them while their payments are paused.

“Our community is so wonderful and when you ask for help, no matter who it is, whether it’s a local business just a person in need, everyone comes together. It’s just a village supporting each other and it’s just amazing,” says Dalida.

MIX 107 has contacted Clover Canada for comment but has not received a response.

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