Web Design and SEO Consultant Brian Lawrence Celebrates 40 Years in the Wedding Industry

Marketing consultant Brian Lawrence focuses on website and SEO strategies for the $60 billion wedding industry in the United States.

From banquets to corporate, an evolving career in a multi-billion dollar industry

TEANECK, NJ, USA, October 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Marketing expert and SEO strategist Brian Lawrence celebrates his 40th anniversary in the wedding industry this year, marking a lifetime career in the $60 billion US market. Lawrence used his wedding-related business ventures as a springboard to becoming a well-known educator and the owner of a web design and SEO firm devoted exclusively to this niche industry.

Lawrence was a pioneer of the “one-stop” bridal shop in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After spending his formative years in the restaurant business, Lawrence entered in the stationery and favor retail business and discovered how frustrated couples were traveling from place to place to find their wedding needs. This discovery led him to the concept of “one-stop shopping”. At its peak, it owned seven locations and handled 1,000 weddings a year. These stores also gave him ownership of a photography studio, an entertainment company, and a limousine service.

After a successful retail run, Lawrence sought out a business that offered more consistency with his family. As vice president of marketing at Encore Studios, a national invitations company, he focused on cooperative advertising and dealer incentive programs. Over its 14 years, the company dramatically expanded its reseller base and increased sales until wedding invitations took a seismic shift into the digital age in 2008. It was during this change that Lawrence became a business educator and speaker, as well as the owner of a Website design and SEO agency exclusively dedicated to the wedding industry.

Lawrence has written two books and is a regular on the seminar and convention circuit, including the National Stationery Show, MBA Wedding (Wedding Merchants Business Academy) and WeddingWire World. He has also produced marketing events and contributed to publications such as Vows Magazine, Mobile Beat and Stationery Trends Magazine. Lawrence appears frequently on webinars and podcasts and collaborates with fellow wedding industry consultants like Alan Berg, Joe Bunn of The DJ Vault and The Venue Association. He is also an advisor to VenueX, an app for wedding venues (https://joinvenuex.com/).

In addition to designing new websites, Lawrence is also improving existing ones like the National Wedding Dress Sale Event, started by New Jersey Bridal Salon owner Sue Maslowski. The site, which promotes more than 500 independent bridal retailers, has been rebranded by Lawrence from a simple countdown to the actual event to a local, year-round bridal fashion resource. Additionally, Lawrence makes SEO consulting a cornerstone of his marketing agency with behind-the-scenes reviews and fixes, optimized keyword content, and improvements to his clients’ Google Business profiles.

Lawrence has also embarked on two new projects. He is involved with Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and self-proclaimed New Orleans “romance ambassador” Tony Talavera to bring more destination wedding business to Louisiana. And he set up a Facebook group and a fundraising effort, Wedding industry for Ukraineto bring together professionals and influencers to discuss ways to raise awareness and fundraise for the humanitarian organization Nova Ukraine.

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